About Our Shop

We are a health food shop focused on providing natural, healthy, organic, fresh products with the affordable price

Naturally On High History

Naturally On High, previously known as Al Wadi Roastry began as a family owned business which offered customers a wide variety of freshly roasted nuts, beans, dried fruit, spices, coffee and a various range of Middle Eastern products. Following many years of success the retail outlet was passed on to a valued family member in 2002 to maintain its presence and success.

The launch into Naturally On High is not only a change in name but also gave our clients an inside idea to the type of organic & natural products currently in stock and more to come. With the growing demand in organic foods, the second store next door addition to Naturally On high was opened in 2012, offering customers a wide variety of organic fruit and vegetables, vitamins, continental products, teas, coffee and an organic juice bar.

Naturally On High shop was started with a small idea, and over time the business has grown to be one of the best known and loved organic and health food shops in the area.

Health and Vitality

We are aware that one of the most important factors affecting human health is the quality of our food. That’s why we bring you quality fresh nutrient food by assuring daily stock & pack is guided by a strict procedure, at the good price that will satisfy you.

We Care About the Earth

The healthy choices we make every day for ourselves and our families add up. Together, we are building a stronger, healthier future for our children and the planet we all share.

We sourced local & imported eco friendly product, with ingredients transparency, with no nasty chemical.

We provide refill service for household cleaning products, for example – dish washing liquid, laundry liquid, and food products, eg. peanut butter, organic apple cider vinegar, and organic olive oil, etc, to reduce the use of plastic packaging. Our clients are more than welcomed to visit us in store and ask one of our friendly staff members to refill product into your own containers.

Years of Proud Service
Reduced Use of Plastic Bags
BYO Refill Services